About Us
Solar Master Technology Co.,Ltd (SMT) is a Hi-tech enterprise engaging in green energy and environment-protection lighting development. We focus on R&D, production, sales & marketing, design & engineering on Solar Modules, Solar System (including off-grid & on-grid), as well as Solar Lighting System.

Our primary principle of sales & marketing is: professional and practical. Our services include delivering the whole application solutions and providing customized products. We guarantee to make products with premium quality and performance, all products are in accordance with the TUV and CE certificate. We will ensure that the products delivered will fulfill and satisfy end customer needs. We are also constantly looking to improve our products in order to beat our competitors in design, pricing and functionality. Now our market has ranged all over the world.

For R&D, our team of engineers research and develop new application techniques in our system and help continually improve our high performance and efficiency. We are determined to protect the environment by designing only green energy-saving products. Our design team have years of experience in the solar field and specializes in the design for every application including street lights, garden lights, court lights, water pumps, roof tops and traffic signals. To ensure customer satisfaction we are dedicated to provide the best technical support and also top services at all time.

The world as is running on limited energy, now people are becoming more aware of the need to conserve energy and while a lot of people understand, most still do not want change to impede in their daily lives. In SMT, we believe that our products will not only contribute to reduce energy consumption but will also ensure that the users of our products will maintain if not see a positive changes to their lighting. Let us put our efforts in to make a greener and brighter world.

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